Terms and Conditions




1.1. The wholesale shop www.hurt.krespol.pl is run by: PW "KRESPOL" s.c. M. Bartczak, H. Karszniewicz 93-331 Łódź, ul. Zygmunta 64, tel .: (+48) 42 645 31 57, 42 645 31 25 fax: (+48) 42 640 92 89 NIP: 729-01-12-709 REGON: 470533270,  Company website: www.krespol.pl; hereinafter referred to as the SELLER.

1.2. The website is intended only for wholesale customers conducting business activity. Clients who establish cooperation with us for the first time, before activating the account will be asked to send by e-mail or fax a complete set of company documents.

1.3. Most products are sold in bulk packaging. Goods ordered in smaller quantities than in bulk packaging will be calculated at retail prices. Details on minimum order quantities can be found in the "Cooperaton & delivery details" tab.



2.1 By placing an order, the CUSTOMER accepts the provisions of these rules.

2.2 Before placing your first order, you must register a customer account, which will be activated by the administrator after verification of company details.

2.3 The CUSTOMER who has already set up his account in our shop must only log in before completing the order form.

2.4 The customer browsing the offer in the shope can choose and add to the basket the products he wants to buy, by pressing the "Add to basket" button, which is next to each product.

2.5 The basket is an electronic form of the order form that allows you to store products of your interest.

2.6 The standard way of sending an order for products offered in an online shop, is by completing form in the the basket function. This way of placing an order is the fastest and accepted by the SELLER.



3.1 CUSTOMER after placing the order automatically receives an e-mail confirmation of its acceptance. Please contact us in case of not receiving it.

3.2 In addition to the automatic confirmation of the order received, a Krespol employee may additionally contact the CUSTOMERY by phone or e-mail to verify the customer details provided in the order.     



4.1 Krespol reserves the right to refuse an order if it finds inaccuracies in the data provided by the Employer, or for reasons beyond the company's control. In case of such a decision, the CUSTOMER will be notified of the refusal within three business days from the date of sending the order.

4.2 Each order will be processed within a maximum of 7 days, excluding public holidays. The lead time is the period after which the goods are ready for shipment.

4.3 If ordered product is out of stock, the customer will be notified by e-mail or phone. In this situation, the Customer may opt out of the purchase of the selected product, choose replacement goods or agree to a longer period of completion.



5.1 Orders are delivered by courier.

5.2 Delivery costs depend on the order size (number of boxes shipped).

5.3 Shipping costs are covered entirely by the CUSTOMER, except for domestic shipment of orders over PLN 700 netto.

5.4 The costs of packaging and addressing the shipment is covered entirely by Krespol.

5.5 Krespol is not responsible for delays caused by the fault of the post office, courier company or the inability to deliver the parcel due to providing an incorrect or incomplete address.  



6.1 Product prices are netto prices and are given in PLN or Euro. The SELLER issues a VAT invoice for the purchased goods, unless Customer has active UE VAT number.

6.2 Payment methods for ordered goods - abroad custmers:       
- prepayment to the account (after confirming the availability of the goods)      

6.3 Depending on the size of the order and the method of payment, the CUSTOMER may get a discount on the net order value. Details on granting discounts can be found in the "Cooperaton & delivery details" tab



7.1 Krespol commits to provide high quality products free of hidden defects.

7.2 All products have a one-year manufacturer's warranty provided for by applicable law.

7.3 In case of any complaints, please contact our office between 8-16 (Mo-Fri): PW "KRESPOL" s.c. M. Bartczak, H. Karszniewicz 93-331 Łódź, ul. Zygmunt 64, tel .: (+48) 42 645 31 57 tel .: (+48) 42 645 31 25 fax: (+48) 42 640 92 89 e-mail: handlowy@krespol.pl

7.4 Complaints regarding mechanical damage caused during transport will be considered only if the goods are checked in the presence of the courier. A condition for accepting this type of complaint will be writing a complaint report with the courier.



8.1. Customers' personal data are processed by the Data Administrator (Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe KRESPOL s.c. M. Bartczak, H. Karszniewicz, ul. Zygmunta 64, 93-331 Łódź, NIP 7290112709) for the purpose of implementing contracts concluded as part of the Online Store. Agreements concluded as part of the Online Store's operations include:
a) Conclusion and implementation of the sales contract,
b) Sending a message containing commercial information (with prior consent expressed in the form of a subscription to the Newsletter),
c) Keeping a Customer Account after prior registration on the Online Store website.

8.2. Personal data are processed in accordance with the provisions on the protection of personal data, in accordance with the implemented data protection policy, and are processed to the extent and purpose necessary to establish, shape the content of the contract, amend or terminate it, and correctly implement the Services provided electronically.

8.3. The data administrator has introduced technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data provided by clients against disclosure to unauthorized persons or entities.

8.4. Customers' personal data may be transferred to:
a) The carrier selected by the Customer to deliver parcels at the request of the Data Administrator - in the case of a Customer who uses the Online Store with the method of delivery by post or courier.
b) The entity chosen by the Customer to process payments in the Online Store - in the case of a Customer who uses the Online Store with the method of electronic payment or payment card.
c) An accounting company making tax settlements of the Online Store - in the case of customers who have concluded a sales contract with the Data Administrator.
d) The company providing software for running the Online Store or the company hosting the Online Store, in the scope of operation and proper functioning of the Online Store.

8.5. Entities indicated in § 8.4. only data necessary for the proper performance of the service is provided.

8.6. The data administrator has the right to disclose the Customer's personal data to entities authorized under specific legal provisions (e.g. law enforcement authorities).

8.7. Unless the law provides otherwise, the Data Administrator stores the Customer's personal data as long as it is necessary to achieve the purposes for which the above. data has been collected.

8.8. The customer whose personal data is processed by the Data Administrator has the right to access data, rectify, delete or limit their processing, the right to object, the right to transfer data as well as the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory body, which is the Office for Personal Data Protection.

8.9. The deletion of personal data may occur as a result of withdrawing consent or filing a legally allowed objection to the processing of personal data.

8.10. The Data Administrator reserves the right to process Clients' personal data after termination of the contract or withdrawal of consent only to the extent of the need to pursue any claims before a court or if national or EU regulations or international law oblige the Data Administrator to retain data.

8.11. Contact with the person supervising the processing of personal data is possible by e-mail at handlowy@krespol.pl, or by post to PW KRESPOL s.c., ul. Zygmunta 64, 93-331 Łódź     



9.1 These rules may be changed in part or in whole at any time without giving a reason.

9.2. All questions and comments regarding the principles of cooperation should be directed to the company address or e-mail: handlowy@krespol.pl